Cross Sectorial alliances

EMSP’s success lies in the effective outreach and engagement to the MS patients and the caretakers whom we serve, and the major stakeholders in the field. The support of the EMSP membership network and our relevant partnerships both at a European and national level have been the key factor in our success so far.As part of its activities supporting outreach and visibility, EMSP continued its presence at these forums, with the aim of increasing visibility of neurological diseases on the political agenda through the inclusion of MS as an example in broader campaigns and initiatives.

EMSP collaborates closely with the European Brain Council, the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and

EMSP is a member of the European Patients’ Forum, the European Disability Forum and the European Federation of Neurological Associations

EMSP has also a Memorandum of Understanding with Caritas Norway

Annual networking dinner

In February 2019, we took a fresh approach to the EMSP Annual Networking Dinner. At an exclusive roundtable meeting attended by industry, our key partners and our organization, we enjoyed an extensive and meaningful exchange on the pathway for stronger future collaborations. We looked back at EMSP’s main achievements in 2018 and outlined our common priorities for 2019 and beyond. This was a great opportunity to celebrate 30 years of strong partnerships that have contributed to the strength and longevity of EMSP.


In September 2019, we brought the N2B-patch, MS Data Alliance, Caregivers of Paediatric MS , MS Barometer and MS Nurse PRO projects to the ECTRIMS Congress in Stockholm. The world’s largest annual international conference devoted to basic and clinical research in MS hosted over 9,300 delegates from around the world. Yet again, 10 patients and/or their representatives from MS societies received a unique opportunity to attend the event for the first time, and thus, to follow the latest developments in the field of Multiple Sclerosis.

We would like to seize this occasion to express our appreciation to the Board of ECTRIMS for their generosity.

EMSP at the European Health Forum Gastein 2019

At last, in the beginning of October, EMSP was represented at the European Health Forum Gastein, widely known as ‘Davos for Public Health’, the leading health policy conference in Europe. Our Director of External Affairs, Mr. Christoph Thalheim had the opportunity.