MS Nurse PROfessional - Improving care for people with MS

The MS nurse is key in the provision of expertise and consistent information, support and advice for people with MS. From the moment of diagnosis and throughout the disease trajectory, the nurse ensures a shared and coordinated approach to care. Across Europe, the role, skillset and professional development of MS nurses varies. This leads to inequity of access to expert nursing care and advice, and inequality of patient care experience.

MS Nurse PROfessional (MS Nurse PRO) is the first and only online foundation education programme for nurses working in the field of MS. It is led by EMSP in collaboration with the International Organisation of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN) and Rehabilitation in MS (RIMS).


MS Nurse PRO successfully trains qualified nurses who work in the field of MS, contributing to improved healthcare for people with MS in all regions of Europe and beyond. By equipping MS nurses with the skills and knowledge they need, the MS Nurse PRO will create a positive change in MS care that extends across the entire multi-disciplinary care team.

Impact: Over 60% of nurses indicate that the programme increased their confidence in answering patients and colleagues’ questions on Multiple Sclerosis.

Source: Survey to all registered HCP’s, 192 answered, May 2018

In 2019, MS Nurse PRO was launched in France and Portugal. It is now available in 12 languages and was launched and works actively in 15 European countries. At the end of 2019, MS Nurse PRO had approximately 8,000 registered nurses from Europe and across the globe. With this increasing outreach, growth of registered nurses and accelerated activities around the e-learning platform, EMSP aspires to ensure that adequate numbers of MS nurses are employed to provide appropriate support to all people with MS.

EMSP is also working collaboratively with the MS nursing community across Europe to develop a European MS nurse community that will promote and share their best evidence-based practices, advances in MS care and exchange of peer group support and professional development.