#EMSP2021 Annual Conference: MS Care in a Changing World

The EMSP Annual Conference was held on the 9th to 11th June 2021 virtually in the context of the global pandemic. The event set up a milestone in EMSP engagement to support the MS nursing community to join its effort improving the care of the people with MS.

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The EMSP Annual Conference 2021 specifically focused on the context of the global pandemic that has enhanced existing issues and at the same time fast forward the adaptation of health care and services through digitalization. The world is changing in the light of a worldwide pandemic and MS care is challenged on many levels. The 2021 edition of EMSP’s Annual Conference acknowledged this under the theme of MS Care in a Changing World in a virtual format.

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A mix of interactive sessions and highly inspiring speakers addressed the challenges highlighted in the MS Barometer and faced by patients and nurses in terms of access to quality, timely and personalised care.

This was a great opportunity to meet with other MS nurses and experts, people with MS and connect, learn and discover with others from across Europe and beyond.

This event helped us to understand the broader healthcare ecosystem and support the further development of the European MS nursing community. The conference also bridged the communication between the patients and the healthcare professionals for an improved understanding of the needs and personalized care of people with MS.

Topics included: Sleep disorders in MS, MS nursing in a global pandemic, results for the MS Hackathons, Dealing with Fatigue, Disease Modifying Treatments, COVID-19 & MS and more! There was a special focus on MS Nursing, improving the future of MS Care as well as information on the MS Nurse PRO online training programme.

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