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In 2021, the Membership Communications Network kept running its regular meet ups to foster two-way communications and to learn from regional best practices. We made sure that our members stayed up-to-date with on-going and upcoming initiatives, to improve the contact between EMSP and its members, and to provide a network of peer support connecting the MS societies, young people, active volunteers and MS ambassadors.

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On average, we counted on the presence of 19 representatives from 16 member organisations during our bi-monthly membership meet-ups. We addressed different ‘hot’ topics such as COVID-19 Vaccination and MS and, Real-Word Evidence Data.

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In addition, EMSP launched its Membership Engagement Platform integrated on the recently redesigned emsp.org website, where the representatives of MS Societies can now:

  • Communicate in a more efficient way with EMSP and with each other;
  • Interact with and support each other by sharing best practices via direct messages, groups & forum discussions;
  • Download the documents related to EMSP activities; and
  • Upload & share your own resources via Download Centre.

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