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The MS Barometer is a comparative survey based on key MS data collected by the national MS societies analysing MS management and care in Europe periodically since 2008. It provides an important framework for identifying the most persistent and challenging gaps in care, understanding how MS management has changed over time and fundamentally, how the lives of people with MS are impacted by decisions made at local, national and EU level. It also serves as a benchmarking tool outlining improvements and actions that can be adopted by national MS societies to influence decision-makers.

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The MS Barometer uses 5 indicators of health and social care systems including:

  • Health care service delivery, including the number of MS health facilities and the number of MS related health workers
  • Health information, including MS epidemiology, MS data collection and MS research
  • Access to treatments, including access to disease modifying drugs (DMDs) and symptomatic medical treatments and therapies
  • Governance, leadership, and health financing, including existing MS-relevant policies, patient engagement, and health financing
  • Participation in society, including education/employment opportunities for people with MS and social supports available to people with MS and their carers

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We see issues across the continent in access to appropriate healthcare, health professionals and social support for people with MS and their carers. National systems that fail to provide quality care are failing their MS communities.

In 2021, Brain Awareness Week (15-21 March) was all about the launch of the MS Barometer report and country factsheets for EMSP, through an overarching social media campaign joining forces with our members to make an impact together.

On July 22nd, we dedicated World Brain Day 2021 to Multiple Sclerosis, and we were delighted to announce the launch of the interactive MS Barometer platform including:

  • Key findings on the state of MS Care in Europe
  • A comparison tool to highlight differences between countries
  • Advocacy Toolkit with key messages and assets
  • National information sheets translated into all the European languages
  • And much more!

In addition, EMSP has been actively involved at national level advocacy initiatives by giving presentations at member events with top level decision-makers in Ukraine and Poland.

On 15 March the msbarometer.eu site went live allowing everyone to download the key highlights of the latest edition of the MS Barometer. The campaign was a huge success reaching over 37,000 people in Europe and with the online resources downloaded approximately  1,000 times from different corners of the continent.

We also hosted a webinar to introduce the platform to our members and multiple stakeholders.

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