Advocacy and Campaigning: One Million Minds Campaign

The purpose of EMSP campaigns is to ensure that the supporters of the organisation are motivated to continue engaging with EMSP, to garner further supporters to the voice of people affected by MS and to prompt engagement from potential allies across all sectors of society.

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Under the umbrella of the multi-annual “One Million Minds” campaign EMSP will lead two main awareness raising activities in the coming years: further amplification of the information from the MS Barometer and a campaign promoting better social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

In order to achieve our mission of improving the quality of life of people affected by MS, we adopted a multi-stakeholder approach to engage the MS community and broaden the reach to the general public. For this purpose, we developed a European engagement campaign - vital in a very crowded EU Community.

It is a way for EMSP to translate our activities into messaging that will help reaching new supporters and challenge us to refine our efforts to those that make maximum impact.

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