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Young People’s Network (YPN)

The EMSP Young People’s Network (YPN) is dedicated to the empowerment and involvement of young people living with MS (Aged 18-35) in the work of the organisation and the wider MS Community. In 2022 we organized the first Annual YPN Meetup in Lithuania and several advocacy trainings to equip young advocates with the tools to achieve a broader impact.

EMSP welcomed more than 35 young people living with MS from across Europe to help develop and drive future actions advocating for the needs of the young MS community. The theme of the meet-up was ‘Building a community of MS Advocates’, where the emphasis was put on the community-building aspect of advocacy. Both young people and staff members of MS worked together in identifying the needs and challenges faced by young people and later in developing projects to address these particular challenges. We are pleased to announce that many national-level initiatives by and for the youth took place following the meet-up.
Annual EMSP Young People Meetup

One of the biggest milestones of 2022 was the Annual EMSP Young People Meetup held in Lithuania. After two long years of online meetings and webinars, EMSP was thrilled to bring together the young MS community in person again. In collaboration with the Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union, the Latvian Multiple Sclerosis Association, and the Estonian Multiple Sclerosis Associations, EMSP organized a 3-day event held between the 26th and the 28th of August 2022 in the beautiful town of Palanga, Lithuania.

Capacity Building training

In 2022, focused on continuing to equip young people to advocate for their needs and that of their community. Namely, EMSP held a training series aimed at offering participants a broad overview of the tips and tools available to young patient advocates to make the most out of social media to achieve a broader impact for their advocacy efforts. The training was held in collaboration with The Good Lobby. The participants learned about the basics of social media as well as how to start an advocacy campaign at the EU level over the course of 3 training sessions.

EMSP has held other capacity building actions, such as a webinar dedicated to connecting MS, NMOSD & MOGAD communities by sharing knowledge and experiences of being diagnosed at a young age to strengthen our communities

Call for new members to the Young People’s Network

EMSP was thrilled to welcome new active members within the Young People’s Network. This allowed the network and EMSP to connect with more member societies and reach more young people with MS from within Europe. We are looking forward to growing and bringing new initiatives in 2023.

How to get involved with the EMSP Young People’s Network

The YPN is a place where MS advocates can develop their skills and make longstanding connections. We invite anyone between the ages of 18-35 to join the MS movement, make great connections and dedicate a few hours a month advocating for change in Europe!

If you have any further questions or are interested in being a part of YPN, please contact EMSP’s Community Manager at


2022 marked the official launch of the MS Hive, with a launch event held in February. Following the 6-month learning program held in collaboration with Campaign Accelerator in 2021, this year focused on continuing with some of the projects developed within the Hive as well as sharing resources, training materials, and guidance with current or potential members of the Hive.
MS Hive

The MS Hive is an initiative for young creatives to develop their own community projects and learn from experienced social entrepreneurs in creating a better tomorrow for the MS Community. The MS Hive is a place where great ideas begin, take shape, and are supported to take off.

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