Young People’s Network (YPN)

The EMSP Young People’s Network (YPN) is dedicated to the empowerment and involvement of young people living with MS in the work of the organisation. The members of the YPN (between the ages of 18-35) are passionate about advocating for their needs and making a change in our society, contributing to the European MS movement.

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In 2021, EMSP developed a new project dedicated to the Young People’s Network, the MS Hive. The MS Hive is a creative space for social entrepreneurship, with young people with MS, their allies and friends and people from all areas of life to work on innovative projects. EMSP envisions the MS Hive as an incubator, a place for the creation and development of projects based on social entrepreneurship and collaborative practices.

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MS Hive: A creative space for social innovation

Within the framework of the MS Hive, EMSP hosted an Advocacy & Campaigning learning program with six interactive workshops in collaboration with Campaign Accelerator for both YPN members and member MS societies. During the program participants were collaborating to design initiatives or events for young people with MS. Currently, different projects are being developed in 3 countries: Slovenia, Ukraine and the UK, all addressing different needs of the community.

In 2021, EMSP has launched the MS Hive, set-up the YPN Working Group, composed of young people representatives of member societies alongside members of the network, and run several workshops and webinars to further support young people with MS.

As a consequence, and by providing young people newly diagnosed with MS a space to share their stories and challenges, EMSP managed to register a growth in the involvement of young people newly diagnosed with MS in the activities of national MS societies and in the EMSP YPN.

Additionally, EMSP has established a YPN Working Group, welcoming young people representatives of the EMSP member societies to share their thoughts on the actions of YPN and work on developing future activities collectively. What’s more, the 2021 EMSP Annual Conference dedicated a special session exclusively for young people with MS.

Empowerment of local young coordinators

In 2021, EMSP continued training young people with MS within its community building and advocacy programme. Namely, through a Webinar on Mental Health hosted in collaboration with Mental Health Europe, as well as the different webinars organised by EMSP addressing issues relevant to young people with MS, where YPN members were given a place to share their thoughts and ideas on the matters at hand. The YPN members were also given a storytelling platform by writing blogs and participating in wider EMSP campaigns.

How to get involved with the EMSP Young People’s Network

The YPN is a place where MS advocates can develop their skills and make longstanding connections. We invite anyone between the ages of 18-35 to join the MS movement, make great connections and dedicate few hours a month advocating for change in Europe!

If you have any further questions or are interested in being a part of YPN, please contact EMSP’s Community Manager at simina.peterfi@emsp.org

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